Top 10: The World’s Longest Serving Presidents and Prime Ministers

It’s Bob and the boys.

Now it’s very rare that anyone closing in on a century on earth would hold any kind of office, let alone a country’s highest office, but this particular elderly statesman showed no signs of letting up, until rather drastic measures had to be taken.

It was to the relief of the country’s citizens as many took to the streets celebrating the imminent end of the only presidency anyone considered a youth had known. It was an unexpected end for a man who had promised to rule until his dying day.

Politicians and not keeping their promises, huh?

However, Mugabe is not an anomaly. It’s not rare for a head of state to hang on to power for several decades, regardless of his popularity. Africa has quite a few examples and we’ve compiled a list of the world’s longest serving statesmen.

10. Idriss Deby – Chad (29 years)

Came into power in 1990 via a wait for it military coup, and has managed to hold on to office via the polls every five years.

9. Omar Al-Bashir – Sudan (30 years)

Was a Colonel in the Sudanese army, when he and a group of rogue members of the country’s defence force staged a bloodless coup to take over from Prime Minister Sadiq Al-Mahdi.

Though his descent into power was bloodless, his reign has been anything but as it has been synonymous with the War in Darfur where it is estimated that over 10 000 people lost their lives. Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir IS the seventh President of Sudan from 1989 to 2019 and founder of the National Congress Party

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  1. You must include Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom was served for 30 years as elected president in The Maldives. (1978 to 2008)


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