Top 10 Radio Presenters with the Best Voices Ever!

Some people are better off silent and some people just sound too good speaking all the time. There’s something about a great voice that just eloquently serenades at all times. Especially when it’s that voice that you hear from a specific radio presenter. 

If you are a radio listener, you know what we are talking about. Over the years we have had the opportunity to listen to some of South Africa’s best radio presenters. They are not best at what they do but they have great voices that just makes a person fall inlove with them at the moment.

1. Pabi Moloi of 96.4 Metro Fm has a very unique voice that is both intriguing and interesting. She has that husky voice, with a deep essence but very attractive.  

2. Mark Pilgrim from 94.5 Kfm is the type of guy you wouldn’t mind hearing all the time. His is full of energy and life. 

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