16 Top Jobs in South Africa That Pay More Than R2.5 Million a Year

Specialist recruitment firm, Michael Page, published its latest salary survey for the end of 2018.

The survey shows what skilled professionals in 164 different jobs in South Africa can expect to earn in 2019 across a wide variety of sectors.

While the majority of sectors remain under pressure, significant drivers for more positive development will come from the Banking & Financial Services, IT and Transportation sectors, the recruiter said.

Notably, these are also some of the sectors where you can also to earn some of the highest salaries.

Top Earners

The top earners – according to Michael Page’s data – are Group/Regional CFOs at finance companies who can expect to earn up to R6 million a year.

By comparison, finance directors in these companies can expect to earn up to R3.5 million a year.

The legal profession is also a stand-out with in-house General Counsel (GC) earning more than R5 million a year, while partners at top South African law firms can earn upwards of R4 million a year.

It is also important to note that while salary data is very comprehensive, it is primarily focused on professionals.

This means that certain sectors such as airline pilots, engineers, medical personnel and government officials do not feature in the report.

#Job nameSectorAnnual salary (R ‘000)
1Group/Regional CFOFinance & AccountingR 6 000
2In-house GC (General Counsel)LegalR5 000
3Partner (International Law Firm)LegalR5 000
4Partner (Top SA law firm)LegalR4  000
5VP of Supply ChainSupply Chain & LogisticsR 3 800
6Finance DirectorFinance & AccountingR3 500
7VP HR / Chief HR OfficerHuman ResourcesR3 200
8Partner (Boutique law firm)LegalR3 000
9Head of ComplianceLegalR3 000
10Group Company SecretaryLegalR2 800
11Tax DirectorFinance & AccountingR2 800
12Supply Chain/Logistics DirectorSupply Chain & LogisticsR2 800
13VP of ProcurementProcurementR2 800
14General Manager (Sales and Marketing)Sales & MarketingR2 800
15General Manager (B2B)Sales & MarketingR2 600
16VP of SalesSales & MarketingR2 600

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